Gel  of Dr. Javier A. Gómez
Gel  of Dr. Javier A. Gómez
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Gel of Dr. Javier A. Gómez the Most versatile and Powerful Product For Any Coetaneous Affection! Most useful in burns of any degree! Fastest aid in wounds, raspon and cuts!

Also he is useful in: * Punctures of insects and all class of insects * Raspon * Hemorrhages * sun Burns * muscular Twists and pains * varicose Ulcers * diabetic Foot * Sores * Fungi in the nails and feet * olorosos Feet * Hurt Cracks *. Verify his same effectiveness today! The Tintura of Yerbas contains the same wonderful formula of Tintura of Yerbas created by the Benefactor of Humanity Dr Javier To Gomez, only who in gel for an easier application in the skin.

This gel IS NOT SEIZURE, but however he is utilize for all the cases where it agrees to leave applied Tintura: its gel presentation does very easy to apply and to leave in ulcers, sores, wounds, fungi in the nails, burns, etc. Its effectiveness is amazing. To use and will be convinced! USE WAY: To apply direct to the zone affected until obtaining the wished result.

PRECAUTIONS: Not to leave in the skin of the face, neck and chest more than 5 minutes because it can produce irritation or resequedad. To rinse and to apply to cream of Extract of Grass of the Dr Javier To Go'mez after the application of the gel in these areas.

PRESENTATION: Jar of 250 g.and 280 g This product is not a medicine, is a Gel of Natural Grass. The Most versatile and Powerful Product For Any Coetaneous Affection!

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